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Thermosetting Resin For Plastic Bottle manufacturers
&#9670;Our History
Officially founded in 2007, Shanghai Banzan Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research, development, production and marketing of macromolecule materials. In December 2014, Banzan International Group Corporation, a wholly-invested subsidiary company by Shanghai Banzan Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd., was established in Acton, MA the U.S.
Based on our operational value: “client centric responsive innovation”, Banzan always puts customers’ needs on top priority. Our mission is straightforward: developing a global vision, keeping scientific innovation, and caring our customers and the environment.
Our customers are from various industries, and our products are widely used and recognized among automobile industry, household appliance industry and packaging industry. During the past decade, Banzan has participated in many large construction projects to provide both adhesive materials as well as innovative technologies and solutions for composite pipes. Those well-known projects include Beijing Olympic Game facility construction, China Capital Airport Project, the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, China-Russia Oil Pipeline Project, some large aircrafts, and many solar power stations in Europe.
&#9670;Our Factory
We use advanced equipment from American to produce sound quality products. From purchasing material to finished products, we have entire quality process control, and we established 1 advanced testing center which is of testing for third party.
&#9670;Our Product
Banzan mainly produce copolymer adhesive for composite pipe & copolymer adhesive for co-extrusion package & copolymer adhesive for building material & polycarbonate resin etc.
&#9670;Product Application
Banzan’s products application including: composite pipe & co-extrusion package & building material etc.
&#9670;Our Certificate
&#9670;Production Market
Banzan has export to the following market: American/Middle East/South-east Asia etc.
&#9670;Our service
1&#65289;We will provide the integrated solution for our clients
2&#65289;We will provide freely sample for you 3) Our delivery is very rapidly 4) Provided the competitive price for youThermosetting Resin For Plastic Bottle manufacturers

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